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Xinjiang and project of net of couplet of northwest electrified wire netting eva

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On September 16, xinjiang and project of net of couplet of northwest electrified wire netting evaluate survey to be able to be held in Xinjiang Urumqi city, wang Lequan of secretary of Party committee of committee member of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, municipality interviewed the member that project survey meets an expert to comprise, state municipal Party committee and government will support this project project with all one's strength.

Wang Lequan expresses to welcome to the arrival of expert group group. He says, xinjiang is base of our country's important the sources of energy, reserve of coal, oil, natural gas is substantial. In recent years, xinjiang holds to advantage resource to change the strategy, develop the sources of energy and mineral products resource energetically, attracted a lot of big companies, big group to participate in Xinjiang the sources of energy to develop construction, whole area economy entered rapid development period. Coal of current whole nation, electric power supplies insecurity, the perspective of development of coal natural resources with rich Xinjiang is wide, special be necessary to accelerate electrified wire netting of 750 kilovolt superhigh pressure to build pace, for municipal coal development is used, coal telegram construction and advantage resource are changed stage by stage build platform for economic advantage, to allow east wait for base of 4 big coal and Yi to plow river, Eerqisi fluvial region water and electricity group force sends development report to provide safeguard. Hope expert can combine Xinjiang actual, offer constructive opinion, make the coal natural resources of Xinjiang gets be developed scientificly and be applyinged, perfect plan of couplet net project as soon as possible, for Xinjiang economy development makes contribution.

Jiang Shaojun of expert group group leader expresses, will done seriously evaluate survey to work, develop business special skill, make this project gets executive at an early date.

When the municipality leads Yan Liang of Yang Gang, Bai Zhijie, Dai Gongxing, Liu to interview, be present. (Li Yifeng Guo is new firm)
News source: Xinjiang power company