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Report of nucleus of report of wind of precious deposits of energy of green of 9

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On September 10, learn from concerned branch, according to Jiangxi province new energy resources develops a program, complete province plans 12 wind electric field in all, outfit machine gross achieves 957 thousand kilowatt. Among them, 9 rivers occupy 9, outfit machine gross is 696 thousand kilowatt, occupy 73% .

Development uses green the sources of energy, it is the outlet that the world resolves energy crisis not only, also be the alternative that implementation can develop continuously.

9 rivers city accelerates the power energy industry such as development wind report, nucleus report, make the base of new energy resources of environmental protection cleanness actively. "915 " during, jiangxi saves the wind electric field of the plan and construction to exceed 130 thousand kilowatt, all concentration is in 9 rivers city, it is a star respectively child electric field of wind of big mountain range nineteen thousand five hundred kilowatt, cottage is a mountainous area electric field of wind of long mountain range 33 thousand kilowatt, 30 thousand kilowatt mixes electric field of wind of lake of prosperous Ji hill electric field of wind of prosperous master shrine 50 thousand kilowatt. Current, electric field of wind of mountain of cottage hill warden, electric field of wind of lake of prosperous Ji hill is undertaking fan hoisting, predict by this year before finishing; Star child electric field of wind of big mountain range will this year in October start working, predicting next year is finishing. Outside generating electricity except wind-force, this city put forth effort advances nuclear report to develop. The nuclear power plant of hill of Peng Ze cap that visits one of major project completely predicts to invest 60 billion yuan, installed capacity 8 million kilowatt, year generating capacity can amount to 60 billion kilowatt hour. This project is making asking for the ground to tear open change and dweller to find a place for work now.

News source: Jiangxi daily