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Plenary meeting of wire cable industry holds communication of special subject te

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On September 24, plenary meeting of industry of countrywide wire cable holds communication of special subject technology. Facilities of production of cable of wire of communication agenda branch and Yuan Fucai expect two
Part. Among them:

Topic for discussion of communication of technology of facilities of wire cable production is:

1.Aluminum steel produces an advanced technique- - production company of machinery of suddenly husband of German Buddhist nun

2.High quality RF and small coaxial cable manufacture a technology- - company of machinery of peaceful of Austrian Luo Sen

3.Sectional lead pulls the opposite sex the technology of rolling mill group innovates- - company of equipment of Electromechanical of harbor of De Yangdong beautiful

4.Main use, configuration and characteristic introduce device- - company of divine horse science and technology

5.The innovation application of bull drawbench - copper wraps aluminous lead to help filar technology brief introduction- - Italian SICTRA

6.Grand gets benefit to upgrade communication of replacement product technology- - grand gets company of sale of benefit machinery equipment

7.Banner oak covers the fluorine that squeezes a technology and lead plastic push a technology- - Swiss wheat helps phenanthrene Er company

Wire cable Yuan Fucai expects technical communication topic for discussion is:

1, the innovation solution of system of cable of power of high quality high pressure- -

2, the fine reform material of 2 kinds of excel in - fiber of Si Rui handkerchief

3, new technology of cable of one footwork cross-linking- - stock carries system and agent of special type cross-linking

4, DFDA-1648 low smoke expects without bittern jacket and insulation