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Special punish is defeated by Fuzhou distribution circuitry corridor clears

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Recently, bureau of Fuzhou cable industry to sit a meeting, communicated company of Fujian Province power " transmission network corridor is special punish videophone conference " spirit, be defeated by distribution circuitry corridor to clear to this bureau special repair work undertook detailed deploy.

It is reported, since this year, the scale that breakdown tripping operation cuts outside transmission network of Fujian electrified wire netting rises quickly, enter especially since July, the house of tripping operation of 220 kilovolt transmission network of foreland does not fall high, outside force is destroyed, the phenomenon that the line cultivates contradictory, violate the rules and regulations to build lid, theft to cause tripping operation appears to rise considerably trend, this shows moving environment of existing transmission network is exasperate with each passing day on one hand, also mirror on the other hand give those who safeguard to move to circuit do not reach the designated position. Maintain circuit safety to move to restrain tripping operation of current transmission network to send ground of impetus, long period of order and stability high, decision of company of Fujian Province power comes from September 10 during November 25, begin corridor of 220-500 kilovolt transmission network to clear special punish works.

Fall to real point to ensure punish works each, obtain actual effect, bureau of Fuzhou cable industry undertook arousing again to special repair work, again deploy, enlarge repair work limits to bureau belong to each unit 110kV to reach the following advocate, match reticle road. This bureau still came on stage " bureau of Fuzhou cable industry is defeated, distribution line facilities group prevent group administer working program " , broke differ before the situation of entirely different of grade of area, different voltage, start complete member safeguard jointly be defeated by distribution line facilities.