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Treasure should power supply checks the high tension line leaves fishing action

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On September 17, one old man fishs below the high tension line, the condition is very hazardous; Thanksed to place of power supply of Bao Yingfan water farming electrical engineering Wang Yuejun discovers in time, before going up actively, dissuade, avoided the happening of accident of person harm getting an electric shock one case thereby.
It is day afternoon, wang Yuejun is pressing down Ji Xing rotate of group of village auspicious star is expressed plan, discover a person is making an appointment with 500 meters to be in the fishing side a pound from him accidentally. Wang Yuejun is fine fine think, that pound upper part has high tension line of a 10 kilovolt the road is crossed, can he fish below the high tension line? Too dangerous! Wang Yuejun wants to feel more more the seriousness of the problem, he puts down the tool in the hand at once, to fishing person the trot there goes.
Approach to look, wang Yuejun not only engorge one Jing, and still was worried for fishing person, a grandpa is crouching absorbedly below the high tension line to fish.
Pass Wang Yuejun to explain repeatedly, fishing grandpa just packed up fishing tool actively to leave.
After fishing uncle walks, wang Yuejun looks for pound pond instantly advocate Wang Yueming, criticized him gravely seriously, discuss the seriousness of behavior of violate the rules and regulations of the fishing below clear line, new will " prohibit agreement of safety of the go angling below the line " content undertook sentence by sentence explaining to him one by one. Pound pond advocate Wang Yueming expresses, assure to fulfil the obligation in agreement, absolutely won't recurrent similar issue.