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Jiangxi electrified wire netting achieves estivate with electric bear new tall

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Come day after day, "A spell of hot weather after the Beginning of Autumn " hair power, jiangxi is major the area appears the abidance of 35 ℃ above high temperature weather. Bear of power supply of Jiangxi electrified wire netting is climbed considerably subsequently litre, on September 22, with one action of the highest bear that use phone achieves Jiangxi electrified wire netting 8.063 million kilowatt, not only refresh spends the record high since summer this year, and achieve calendar year summer use phone new tall.

Summertime air temperature compares Jiangxi this year on the low side of in former years, and because electric coal is in short supply,reach the influence such as coal qualitative difference, the last ten-day of a month in August should be saved be forced to execute use phone in order, cause the summer was not achieved with electric bear this year those who anticipate " height " . Enter since September, coordinate actively what save government and relevant section in provincial Party committee below, reserve of Jiangxi report coal picks up apparently, electric power supplies tight situation to get alleviating, complete province is unlocked with report. Since September 16, jiangxi appears new weather of hot high temperature of round of fine, in this heat wave aid push, jiangxi electrified wire netting breaks through 8.06 million kilowatt with electric bear, the history that achieves the summer to use phone is new tall. Meanwhile, bear of and other places of city of another name for Jiangxi Province also achieves the history new tall.

As we have learned, before Jiangxi summer appears 78 months commonly with electric highest peak, use charge is sent to be pulled considerably because of weather abnormality in the last ten-day of a month in September this year litre, week is average bear is compared the corresponding period grew nearly 30% last year, this kind of phenomenon is scarcer. According to weather forecast, jiangxi " allay a fever " beard when on September 25 " black case is compared " the typhoon is landed. Move to ensure electrified wire netting is safe and the safe power supply during National Day, jiangxi company is adopting measure to be answered actively. It is to strengthen tone to spend move be on duty, do good bear surveillance, what reinforce pair of main line at the same time is special make one's rounds; 2 it is to continue to strengthen electric coal reserve, ensure aircrew is offerred ceaselessly. 3 it is to begin platoon of 100 days of safe hidden trouble to investigate the work deep, eliminate the hidden danger of safety of minatory electrified wire netting as early as possible.

News source: Jiangxi saves power company