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Xinjiang and northwest put forward 2010 couplet mesh mark

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In September 17 to 18 days, suffer national hair to change appoint entrust, group of expert of composition of advisory company of China International engineering is held in Xinjiang Urumqi city evaluate survey to meet, undertake to Xinjiang and project of net of couplet of northwest electrified wire netting special subject is proved. If can be passed smoothly,evaluate, will change as national hair appoint the important basis that approves this project project approving. Wait for cleanness according to Xinjiang economy progress needs and accelerating wind report but development of second birth energy builds pace, study argumentation adequately via concerning a section, the optimal time of Xinjiang electrified wire netting and net of couplet of northwest electrified wire netting preliminary lock is decided 2010.

Xinjiang is base of our country's important the sources of energy, coal, oil, water can be mixed natural gas reserve is very substantial. In recent years, xinjiang holds to advantage resource to change the strategy, develop the sources of energy and mineral products resource energetically, energy development construction is carried in the round fast, whole area economy enters rapid development period. Xinjiang electrified wire netting realized 220 kilovolt 2007 complete border couplet net, ended the past to separate a power supply and the aspect that many isolated electrified wire netting run, predict " 915 " and " 925 " during Xinjiang power load will maintain two digit growth. Change according to municipal hair appoint relevant program, the development of base of phone of large water and electricity, fire and large wind electric field builds Xinjiang speed is accelerated in the round, "915 " hind 3 years, xinjiang will increase chance of igneous report outfit newly report of 1200 million tile, wind installs machine of outfit of 8000 million tile, water and electricity machine 3200 million are made of baked clay, quite show scale of level Xinjiang power source one times much. So large-scale power source accepts electrified wire netting and disappear offer, rely on to strengthen 220 kilovolt electrified wire netting only already from go up to be satisfied hard at all, earnestly needs to build 750 kilovolt electrified wire netting, realize couplet net with northwest electrified wire netting. If once Xinjiang electrified wire netting and northwest electrified wire netting realize couplet net, can form not only enclothe northwest the unified area electrified wire netting of 5 provinces area, raise the stable level of Xinjiang electrified wire netting further, advantage of economy of translate into of advantage of Xinjiang energy natural resources, implementation more large-scale resource optimizes configuration, stimulative Xinjiang economy grows quickly. Return at the same time but the ability moving a peak with rich electrified wire netting of northwest of have the aid of, reduce group of electric machinery of fire of Xinjiang electrified wire netting effectively to start the wasteful measure moving a peak such as peak stopping tone, achieve beneficial result of certain part coal. Still but development of report of wind of electrified wire netting of large-scale stimulative Xinjiang, implementation is energy-saving decrease a platoon. Current, xinjiang electrified wire netting eastwards already outspread reach the Ha Mi area with Gansu Province border on, northwest electrified wire netting to on the west outspread already reach the wine spring area with Xinjiang border on, executive Xinjiang electrified wire netting and net of couplet of northwest electrified wire netting have exterior requirement already completely.
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