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Mine communication cable and the length of the identification mark Overview

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Mine communication cable structure annealed bare copper wire, copper wire diameter 0.30,0.42,0.52,0.60,0.70,0.80,0.90 (mm). Insulated high-density polyethylene or polypropylene materials, in accordance with standard standard Ming insulated wire color. Insulated wire for the two different colors of insulated wire twisted pairs at different pitch and with specified color combinations in order to identify the pair. Communication cable to cable core structure as the basic unit of 1 to more than 25 Combination of the cable per unit, each unit with cable ties by color units around the bar, in order to identify the different units. More than 100 pairs and the cable line to the preparation of 1% plus a pair, but not more than 6 pairs. Between the cable core is Gap filled with oil cream. Package with the cable core wrapped with polyester film tape. Shielding or corrugated copper shield (or not corrugated) metal belt, metal belt longitudinally in communication with the outside of the cable package cable core. Blue low-density polyethylene sheath. Also Double jacket to provide the communication cable. Mine communication cable identification and marking the length of the outer surface of the cable has a permanent identification mark, mark intervals of not more than 1m, tag content are: wire diameter, number of line pairs, cable type, Manufacturing plant name and year of manufacture, the length of intervals of not more than 1m tag to mark the outer surface, but with the tag staggered. Mine all-chromatography insulated communication cables, aluminum integrated sheath (ie, the vertical shield of aluminum cable Bonding with the jacket into one with, form a seal protection layer), with excellent electrical performance, construction and convenient features. Mine communication cable fire causes, mainly because of overload, short circuit, the contact resistance is too large and the external heat Source effect. In short, state and local overheating, such as failure under the action of external thermal insulation materials, insulation resistance, loss of insulation, and even burning, and thus cause a fire. Mine fires are the main features of the cable fire temperature Degree in general 800 ℃ ~ 1000 ℃, under fire conditions, the wire will soon lose the cable insulation, triggering a short circuit secondary electrical accident, resulting in greater losses; conductor cable carrying capacity allowed under the provisions of a more Large overload; short-circuit state, the wire cable insulation materials in the instant cause melting, burning, and ignite surrounding combustible materials. Mine cable fire performance of fire retardant mechanism of the reaction mechanism of the hot combustion Used, the decomposition in the condensed phase flame retardant heat, so slow down temperature increases within the condensed phase, delayed the rate of thermal decomposition; fire retardant thermal decomposition, the release of free radical chain reaction inhibitor, the flame chain Branch interrupt response, slowing the gas phase reaction rate; catalytic thermal decomposition of solid condensed phase products, coke formation layer or foam layer laminated hard shell of these obstacles to enhance heat transfer in the role; in the thermal effect, the flame appears Endothermic phase-change, to prevent the condensed phase physical temperature rise. Mechanism in the mine fire insulation and sheathing materials of the cable to add certain additives to reduce the heat generated by the polymer to prevent or promote the insulating polymer decomposition And sheathing materials form a protective layer of carbonized; line added at the core layer of mica glass ribbon and other inorganic insulating materials, insulation and sheathing layer is in the flame of erosion, the * wrapped package on the mica in the conductor continued to fire with the protection of electricity, to Fire to maintain a certain time in the normal operation.