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Communication cable theft in residential real rampant thieves off net

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Now the thief is really rampant, this is not, and now even the wire and cable are eyeing. Yesterday (November 10) evening, Shashi Wen Chu district communications cable had to be given Daoge. Today (November 11) morning, when the reporter went to the Man Chu district, the telecommunications company's staff are on to repair the damaged cables. Repair personnel, told reporters that the thieves stole three cut forty meters long communications cables, causing the loss is not small. Jin Qianhu residents near the accident caused traffic disruption at home, not the Internet, phone can not go out to play, seriously affected the residents live and work. For this thief stealing, residents are angry, but helpless. Incident not only affects the lives of the residents, the daily work of the telecom companies also caused a certain impact, maintenance staff and more from 8 am on the spot repair work arrangements have been good, because this day's work was disrupted. Currently, telecommunications companies have to the area police station.