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Anyang mast truck to hook off the tree off communication cable car crash injuri

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The evening of November 12, workers in the middle of the road east of Anyang City, a large truck transporting refuse communication cable tangle, resulting in root broken mast, which bring disaster to pedestrian injuries. Scene of the accident in the city's East Public Road and Crape Myrtle Avenue intersection north five-meter. A kcal parked in front of the north end of the road in the middle of the south, the front upper part of the treaty by a 2 cm thick stopped the communication cable. Truck road 10 meters west of a black car parked on the roadside, like the windscreen was smashed. The west side of the car is broken tree branches, poles and Zadao the garbage bin and so on. The west side of the pavement thickness sized locust tree was cut, a cement pole also broken into two or three cut-off from the roots. Lying on the ground next to a wounded old man. The crowd quickly dial 120. The east side of the road pavement, but also a locust tree was cut down the middle. Master Lu truck driver said 9:40 that night, he came here by car, the front of what was suddenly stopped, and then heard the poles and trees fell to the ground breaking sound was broken. Lu master that the accident was not the height of the cable caused erection. After the accident, Anyang City Public Security Bureau police accident rushed to the scene, the measurement of the truck, the front of 2.85 meters high, 3.7 meters high body. The communications cable requirements of the general height of 4.5 meters. On the cause of the accident scene onlookers of different ways. It is said that communications cables to the time line is the car dealers, suddenly fell from above, there are said to be caused because of windy that day. Currently, Anyang City traffic police department is investigating the handling of the accident.