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3 people arrested for theft of telecommunication cables are Jingfangxingju

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Recently, Cili County Public Security Bureau police station cracked Guanyinqiao communication cabling case of theft, theft arrested three burglary suspects Zhu and other people. November 18, police visited the bureau learned that this year in September, October, Shengli Village, Xiangyang Town, Cili County, the territory of zero spate of theft of two communication cabling in the case of the stolen cable lines up to 4 million economic loss yuan, has yet to solve the case. To get clues, the deputy director of the Herring led the police full Yong, Yang Wanjia, Xue Miao, Li Yan expeditiously to carry out investigation. After a thorough and meticulous investigation Mo Pai, theft suspects surfaced. November 25, police handling the case two-pronged, rushed all the way Wulingyuan District, in a construction site, will be suspect Zhumou Mou, Yan Moumou captured; all the way to zero Cili County rushed to the Po Lin Yang Zhen million a certain village, home, million will be certain suspects arrested, a collection of tools for committing crimes skateboard, a pair of feet. After questioning, Zhu Moumou, Wan XX, Yan Moumou respectively, together with others this year in September, October zero in Cili County, Shengli Village, Xiangyang Town, the second theft of communication cabling within confessed to the crime. Currently, 3 of them have been under criminal detention Cili County Public Security Bureau.