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Yongning County police dispatched a communication cable theft gang smashed

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Since January of this year, Yongning County bureau of communications cables in the field many times by Dao Ge, leading to breakdown in communications, has caused great inconvenience to people's lives. Yongning County Public Security Bureau of organizations capable forces of cases detected. After many in-depth and meticulous work, police handling the case to determine Jing Jingyuan County, Heyuan, a major town of unemployed Liu suspected of committing the crime, when police Yuquanying living in farm Liu Yongning County to arrest, the sudden disappearance of cunning Liu , also stopped Daoge communication cable. Liu police handling the case of normal social relations and venues were dispatched, but found no trace of Ryu. After the first time in 3 months, the recurrence of Yongning County area communication cables are Daoge cases, police handling the case analysis, Ryu is very likely again commit crimes. After 2 months meticulous, hard work, a detailed grasp of the communication cables Liu Dao Ge composition gang members, activities, rules and modus operandi, the evening will be on December 12 potential home quietly Ryu captured. According to early clues, police handling the case in 2 hours and quickly caught the case of Liu Dao Ge communication cables of two other suspects Lee, named Ma, and suspected stolen goods received criminal suspects Zhou, destroyed Pirates of the marketing of such products of this criminal gang. Under questioning, the suspect Liu, Lee, named Ma confessed since January this year, has fled the Yongning County, Helan county, Xixia Daoge communication cables and other places more tha n 40 crime cases, involving more than 50 million value crimes.