Icelandic bank aids financially the United States to build power station of the

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Icelandic Glitnir of the 3rd big commercial bank announced a few days ago, will combine Magensitanli the company heats up a power station to borrow money to the Huadade inside the United States 180 million dollar. Offer finance and one of major servicing that advisory service is Glitnir bank for industry of the heat of the earth's interior.

Loan will be used at power station of blue hill terrestrial heat construction of the first phase, plan to build power station dimensions to be 49.5 million tile, plan 2009 the copy is complete. This power station already the power supply agreement that with Neihuada power company signed by a definite date 20 years, for Neihuadana ministry dweller provides clean the sources of energy.

Glitnir bank vice president says, american president enters into an election contest person Mai Kenen and Aobama all gave positive assessment and support to this project, the healthy progress that industry of energy of the heat of the earth's interior will continue be the United States makes contribution.