England approves electric field of wind of brunt off shore to build a plan

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According to foreign media message, british government approved the Kanbailiya in England northwest ministry to build outfit machine a few days ago plan of electric field of wind of off shore of 500 thousand kilowatt.
The government says, the Dadusha that the program builds around island of fertile Er benefit wind electric field is one of 3 gale electric field that approve construction up to now. This wind electric field has 139 typhoons electric machinery.
By " Scotland electric power " with Japan " Eurus energy company " reach Danish country to have " DONG energy company " compositive financial group---"Morecambe wind report limited company " will be built and run this project.
An industrial group officer says, the wind electric field that should construct such scale needs time several years, invest 1.8 billion dollar.
The government says, it already gave Aomengde chance of outfit of energy limited company before this project of electric field of wind of off shore of 150 thousand kilowatt opened permission to go ahead with some project, this wind electric field is near Wo Erli island. The project is developed by EclipseEnergy of Ao Mengde parent company, it is on the world first natural gas and project of wind- driven mixture energy, in calm weather can generate electricity by natural gas. (forest on the west)