Gelujiya restores to export electric energy to Russia

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According to report of Caucasian news agency, case restored to export electric energy to Russia on September 12, business of operation of business of case power system (ESCO) introduce, exit of case electric energy breaths out at present churchyard through A cloth " Saerxinuo " transmit electricity line is defeated toward Russia, show one day and night to export a quantity to amount to 1 million degrees of report.
At the beginning of this year June, as a result of Russian case the relation lasts nervous, bring about case to just fail to export n problem to reach with Russia consistent, ESCO does not have actual user, many power stations of countrywide are forced to halt use or be forced to stop machine, till the both sides at the beginning of August comes to an agreement hind case restores to export electric energy to Russia. And the middle ten days of a month conflicted badly because of Russian case in August bring about case to be forced to stop to export electric energy to Russia again. Jilawuli announces · of Alexander of case energy minister before this, with Russia the collaboration in electric energy domain will not be interrupted.