Kenya considers to build nuclear power plant

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Kenya energy minister says, this country is searching investor and professional technology to build small-sized nuclear power plant, with satisfying the power demand that increases increasingly.

Kenya is East Africa system of the oldest economy, its outfit machine is 1.1 million kilowatt, demand of peak carry on one's shoulder is 1.05 million kilowatt. These outfit machine include to come from independence to generate electricity to should be badly in need of of business begging.

Energy minister weighs this country, this country plans to build an outfit machine to be the small nuclear power plant of 1 million kilowatt first, cursory consideration, investment is in 1 billion dollar. If the power plant builds successfully, kenya will become the electric power with this the greatest area to export a nation.

He says, civil use nuclear report to be accepted by the whole world now with peace, mention nuclear report so Kenyan need not be in a state of anxiety.
5 years electrified wire netting increases Kenya hope future machine of outfit of 1 million kilowatt, times more than present consumptive cardinal number. Next month the government will hold this country countrywide energy conference, those who discuss efficient the sources of energy offer a way. (Forest on the west)