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Time of Beijing of dispatch of sina science and technology on September 16 message, reported on September 15 according to net of aerospace of bureau of American space navigation, ever the scientist of bureau of hold post beautiful space navigation uses radio wave, 92 miles transmitted solar energy between two Hawaiian islands (add up to 148 kilometers about) distance. He alleges, experimental positive result proves this one technology can travel solar energy a world from the satellite.

John Manjinsi (John C. Mankins) to " exploration channel " demonstrated this solar energy to transmit a technology. " exploration channel " for this last a period of time the experiment of 4 months offerred funds, broadcasted late on September 12 at 9 o'clock at time of American the eastpart part experimental result. Manjinsi's conception is to will heft 1102 pounds (add up to 500 kilograms about) the solar energy that orbit satellite collects is transmitted to the ground large receive a station.

What Manjinsi ever worked 25 years in bureau of beautiful space navigation is long, be in charge of project of solar energy of aerospace of space navigation bureau for a long time, till this project is cancelled. This year in May, he succeeds to transmit the solar energy of 20 tile between two islands. According to Introduction Manjinsi, the reception that goes up as a result of the island stands too small, only the energy of one thousandth is received. This experiment costs about 1 million dollar, manjinsi expresses, if he has more fund, can make a bigger solar energy array so.

According to the design, 9 solar batteries that use in laboratory board in, each transmission ability achieves 20 tile to control, to make the United States confederative nevertheless aviation management board approves this experiment, every solar battery board transmission energy can be restricted only in 2 tile. The energy that although receive a station,receives is very finite, danman Jin Si says, it is feasible that ground experiment proves to transmit solar energy through aerosphere. He says: "The experiment did not score complete success. But I think, this experiment makes clear be a likelihood to fast, economy transmits solar energy effectively. " (filial piety civil)