Jordan will become source of nuclear electric energy to export big country 2030

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Bank of plan of chairman of committee of Jordanian nuclear energy expresses on the seminar that in Jordanian United States chamber of commerce held recently, peace uses the strategic option that nuclear energy is Jordan, jordan will develop a plan through carrying out nuclear energy, the country was imported to become the sources of energy to export a nation from the sources of energy 2030.

Jordanian the sources of energy is exceeding deficient, demand of 95 % above energy rely on an entrance, annual the national income of 1/4 is used at buying the sources of energy. But Jordanian uranium reserve is substantial, uranium ascertain reserves is 140 thousand tons. Graph bank expresses, the Chongzhongzhi that peace uses nuclear energy to will become strategy of Jordanian the sources of energy to plan is heavy.

He says, at present Jordanian government is in the company that has technology of development nuclear energy with the country such as beautiful, Russia, medium, law and Canada to contact, with respect to industry mine uranium undertakes feasibility studies, sign cooperative memorandum. He predicts, uranium project is cast formally postpartum, produce per year a quantity to will amount to 2000 tons, inside 4 years will usable at commercial use.

Graph bank expresses, in international market oil price the situation of tall look forward to falls, development nuclear energy can make sure Jordanian the sources of energy is safe, the economic society of contented Jordan admits need.

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