The first fiber-optic arrive an operation business Algerian is telegraphic

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Algerian telecommunication is Africa the first implementation is fiber-optic arrive the operation business of a strategy. Although fiber-optic link price of the family fell greatly, but it still is one kind offer way of this locality connective costlily. Future, the company hopes the user base that broadcasts again thirdly attains a large scale. What the FTTH network deploy of the company uses is the establishment that French manufacturer Sagem corresponds, after debutting to broadcast business threefold, can provide Internet of one's voice in speech, broadband and TV professional work. Business will be in at first Oran, alger, these areas of S é Ti and Constantine are rolled out, expanded 2008 the whole nation.

The business that FTTH rolls out is comprised by the modem, pass the join with fiber-optic network, can have very large capacity, ternary or implementation is fourfold broadcast.

Current, algerian telecommunication has line of 500 thousand ADSL, to 2009 the plan obtains 3 million line. Be in the area that does not have ADSL business, the company will use WiMAX to provide IPTV professional work. Now, business of Algerian nation operation is cooperating with foreign co-worker, for instance: BT, Korea is telegraphic, develop new business, begin digital land terrestrial electricity to inspect an experiment. (Polaris electric power technical network)