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The nuclear technology that has 45 members state supplied an organization to was approved recently agreement of a civil nucleus is reached between the United States, India, this is to go up oneself the another progress since orgnaization of lunar international nuclear energy is approved. Now remnant United States Congress this last closed. United States Congress will be driven in November this issue discusses before presidential general election.

According to American media coverage, the spokesman Yaohandeluo of commission of American state safety thinks, "This is a historic accomplishment " , can strengthen global nucleus not to diffuse not only, the kind that also helps India be helpful for an environment with a kind at the same time satisfies the requirement to the sources of energy.

Through discussion of 3 days, the country that nuclear technology supplies an organization still agreed to remove recently the is as long as 34 years contraband regulation of punish India. Austria, Ireland, New Zealand ever objected removing for a time the ban to India. Austrian government expresses in a written statement, in " India makes a pledge to begin new nuke competition no longer, do not share nuclear technology with other country " later, austria agreed with this decision.

According to Indian media coverage, indian premier Xin Ge said a few days ago, nuclear energy will cope with climate change to offer to make sure energy security is mixed settle way. To assure the need that economy grows, india planned afresh nuclear report develops a target: To 2030, nuclear electricenergy production will take complete India total electricenergy production 5% to 7% . Supply capacity to increase Indian home uranium, it is nuclear report safety, normal to ensure move, indian government already expressed to will be opposite uranium industry department increases investment 47.5 million dollar.

India takes nuclear report seriously to develop to want to cooperate with the United States of course so, because will look from current situation of global nucleus report, the total installed capacity of 439 nuclear reactor is 380GW, occupy the whole world to generate electricity gross 16 % . In these total installed capacity, the United States occupies 27 % , france occupies 17 % , japan occupies 13 % .

And look into future the civil nucleus report of 10 one's remaining years develops, china, India will replace the United States to become leading sheep. According to the data of arrange of international the sources of energy, 2005 - between 2030, of nuclear power plant of world each district add installed capacity newly to will achieve 320GW, make hopeful of capacity of aircraft of general assembly of global nuclear power plant achieves 580GW.

"The cost of nuclear report is relatively stable, the price is had than the price of fossil fuel stronger but foresight. " an expert of the company analyses Aersitong, "Another of nuclear technology main advantage depends on won't producing carbon dioxide to discharge. Nuclear report offerred an efficient solution to reduce greenhouse gas effectively to discharge. Nuclear report offerred an efficient solution to reduce greenhouse gas effectively to discharge..
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