French electric power plans to announce 12.4 billion pound buys denounce endowme

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According to British peaceful interview person newspaper reported on September 23, nuclear energy industry of England is about to fall completely into the French's hand, because of French power company (EDF) preparation announces at 24 days 12.4 billion pound buys denounce endowment group of business England energy (BritishEnergy) .

Board of directors of French power company held the meeting at 23 days of evening, defined the field of a few detail that buys British energy group finally. French power company still shows, its put up with buys belong to the same organization of British energy group to hold a news conference in Paris in the morning at Zhou San.

French power company buys quote this to be every 774 penny to what British energy group puts forward, or every 7 pound are add " special dispatch value right (CVR) " . It is reported, "Special dispatch value right " it is the one part that shows partner can score company future gain. Board of directors of British energy group had accepted this one quoted price of group of French electric power. But the associated statement that French power company still rejects to be published with respect to particular case and likelihood at present makes a comment.

Current, british government also is one of partner of British energy company, group of energy of its hold England the share of 35% . British government British energy group buy regard as revive the act of a center of British nuclear energy, so British government to French power company and British energy group this trades express special reception. Reach as what this trades, 8 nuclear power plant that British government will issue standard of British energy group and a coal are burned (the control advantageous position of Coal-fired) power station gives French power company.

French government is current also the share that company of hold France power exceeds 80% . French power company hopes to use these power station with British energy subordinate group to regard its as bridge tower, use Fa of French A sea through benefit for its thereby (the technology of AREVA) group builds 4 new nuclear power plant in England. In addition, according to the agreement that two companies reach, french power company meets what issue standard of British energy group extremely likely among them 2 nuclear power plant give business of its competition operation.

Say additionally according to the message, at present Centrica of the biggest natural gas supplier also will be in England British energy group is acquired in time later the share of 25% .

French power company and British energy group are originally by this year July announce this with respect to the plan and buy a plan, but because suffer British energy group,scene of England of two large stockholder arranges fund (Invesco-Perpetual) and M&G company are in of last hour object, at that time buy a negotiation to be forced to abort. M&G is England is protected sincere the fund management branch with subordinate insurance company, its palm is controlling British energy company the share of 7% , be in all the time before this company devote oneself to to drive British energy company and Sentelike of the group amalgamative. M&G company points out at that time, the collaboration of group and British energy company can improve Sentelike the balance between consumer energy demand and productivity, such meetings raise consumer to serve quality, its value predicts to be in 1 billion to 2 billion pound between. At present the palm is controlling scene suitable fund British energy company the share of 15% .
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