Asian more country adds item of Burmese water and electricity

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According to Burmese " new light signs up for " report, india has joined construction of project of Burmese water and electricity according to forgiving memorandum.

The basis forgives memorandum, two projects that sign by ministry of Burmese nation water and electricity and limited company of Indian nation water and electricity are outfit machine the Htamanthi of 1.2 million kilowatt and outfit machine the Shwesayay of 600 thousand kilowatt. The report did not disclose the cost of two projects.

India is the another Asia country that item of Burmese water and electricity adds after afterwards Thailand, China, Korea and Bangladesh.

The main item that Thailand participates in is outfit machine the Tar-hsan project of 7.11 million kilowatt, burmese 2007 with go into operation of Thailand MDX group, contract amount is 6 billion dollar. According to the contract, project of this water and electricity year electricenergy production is thirty-five billion four hundred and forty-six million kilowatt hour.

Thailand invests Tar-hsan project 6 billion dollar, increase the foreign investment with Burmese 2007 end to forteen billion seven hundred and thirty-six million dollar at a draught, make the highest cost since 1988 end.

The outfit machine that the project that another Thailand invests is investment of Thailand fulgurite bureau the Hutgyi of 600 thousand kilowatt, the agreement was signed in December 2005, predict year of electricenergy production to be 3.82 billion kilowatt hour. The Sa Erwen river that two countries agreed with project construction to hand in bound Thailand in two countries in June 2005 and Delinda depend on a river to go up. These power plant place generate electricity predicting part will output Thailand.

Besides, burmese signed 5 contracts with China respectively since 2004, construction outfit machine the project of Yeywa water and electricity of 790 thousand kilowatt, electricenergy production of complete the year after next can amount to 3.55 billion kilowatt hour.  

News source: Xinhua News Agency