ABB most advanced electric power carries line technology to be famous in the who

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The factory of high-pressured electrical wiring that ABB company is in Sweden is the modernest electrical wiring plant on the world, it offers electric power to carry a line for project of on the world more than 10 power, the high-pressured dc wire that includes to join Norway and Dutch grow 500 kilometers. Additional, go up as the world jumper of the longest submarine cable, norNed project is by June also passed operation test.
The site of factory in Swedish history name haven covers an area of 36000 square metre, this area is the Karlskrona world bequest that U.N. Educational announces, the historical height that dc of this ABB high pressure carried line factory to had been close to electrical wiring to produce course of study to be able to be achieved and technical height.
Business of wire of ABB company high pressure and Hans-ÅkeJönsson of Karlskrona plant manager express: "Cable production is the process with a complex height, it needs very great skill, excellent technology and expert experience. "