Malaysia says to developed nuclear report the latest 2023

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According to foreign media coverage, the horse pulls Xi Yayi's minister to said a few days ago, this country developed nuclear report the latest 2023, at the appointed time mineral fuel is completely spent.
Malaysia the sources of energy, water and communication minister says, use nucleus report also is the way that meets fuel expenses to rise.
He says to media, he will report cabinet after fortnight, they have no alternative, have take advantage of an opportunity only and be. They are impossible to reach the designated position nuclear report installation very quickly.
Malaysia raised electrovalency June after coal price rises, but this minister says coal price rises so that want to be gotten high than what the government predicts much. The government predicts a ton of 75 dollars. Coal price rises particularly strange, they must act.
Power company Tenaga once said this state, this company wants to build this nation first nuclear power plant, outfit machine 1 million kilowatt, cost 3.1 billion dollar. The government ever enquired global fuel rises the countermeasure below, and the oil with this finite country and natural gas are supplied. At present the power plant has Malaxiya burn report of gas, coal and water and electricity.
The government ever said to want to build southeast Asia last year lab of first nucleus monitoring, such scientists can study the security that the sources of energy of our region atom plans. (forest on the west)