Rice of accept of organization of metallic stuff appearance reframes the project

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You Baogang takes the lead, new and high technology plans the nation that be labelled (863 plans) rice of accept of organization of metallic stuff appearance reframes special subject project, obtained significant progress a few days ago. Experiment via much more verticillate industry yield a gender, crucial technology, equipment moves and productivity can examine wait to all be achieved expect an end, exterior accept rice changes roller hardness, wearability and fatigue life improve substantially, the mark is worn the steely company that Bao Gang already became world head furniture to have the level tries in technology of accept rice surface.
Metallic roller exterior accept rice changes a technology, can use the tall plasticity of the tall hardness of accept rice material and material of thick any crystalline substance integratedly, raise roller significantly wearability and fight fatigue life. Since 2000, domestic and international scholar puts forward all sorts of accept rice metals early or late preparation method, but stay in phase of laboratory basic research more. Bao Gang established accept rice group 2001, undertaking many spot survey, crucial technology analyses zephyr danger to evaluate the foundation that waits for the job to go up, the exterior accept rice that the level tries in building the first to have changes a lab, started productivity industry experiment many rounds to consider in July last year. It is reported, this technology can spread all sorts of crucial roller stage by stage, have wider applied perspective.
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