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A few days ago, the country develops innovation appoint allot an announcement, approve Ning Bo to be first country base of property of hi-tech of country of new material industry.
As we have learned, new material industry has important place in industry of new technology of peaceful wave height, already had certain industrial dimensions. To the end of 2007, industry of peaceful wave new material realizes production value 57.16 billion yuan, 21.8% what hold production value of product of industry of whole town new and high technology, at present already many 300 enterprise is engaged in the production of new material and treatment, among them above of 61 class that it is city is new and high technical company, 3 companies appear on the market successfully already, formed on 1000 enterprises to be engaged in the industrial catenary that material is produced and machines. Reach the domain such as stuff of composite material, metal to already formed unique industrial dominant position in magnetism and rare earth material, high polymer especially.
For race to control new material industry grows commanding elevation, in recent years, ning Bo strengthened program guiding, the work out that start " base of property of hi-tech of country of peaceful wave new material plans " , optimize industrial space distribution, implement a series of policy measure, material of rice of goods of material of key development magnetism, pulverous metallurgy, accept, high polymer material, new-style housing materials, electron is special material, high-powered the application development that sealed material, environment arranges technology and semiconductor illume material to wait for domain of 10 old stuff after printing and dyeing of material of friendly material, new-style spin, put forward: To 2010, production value of property of new material of above of whole town dimensions year all increase rate is achieved 30% , production value of company of dimensions above new material achieves about 100 billion yuan; To 2015, production value of property of dimensions above new material year all increase rate achieves 25% above, production value of company of dimensions above new material achieves 300 billion yuan of above.
Regard burgeoning fast growth as sexual industry, of new material industry develop steadily cannot leave the support with strong innovation of science and technology. Innovate in coordination to enhance the yield of new material domain to learn to grind ability, ning Bo strengthened the science and technology with orgnaization of domestic and international scientific research, universities and colleges to cooperate, those who value a handsome appearance is flexible introduce with use, strengthen construction of orgnaization of business research and development. In last few years, peaceful wave support built center of technology of project of center of engineering of surface of peaceful wave material, magnetic material and research center of engineering of parts of an apparatus, composite material to wait for center of 20 of all kinds engineerings and key laboratory, center of technology of project of company of stage of the province that built domain of 29 new material, city, the key is introduced built science of enginery of place of stuff of peaceful wave of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China in all the courtyard of the new material domain such as branch department of academy Ning Bo is big, hold China (Ning Bo) new material and industrialization international forum, strive to make the same score synchronism with water of international material research and development, promote new material industry to develop a standard.
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