Luoyang develops the stress the property of 5 new material such as polyurethane

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National hair changes appoint announce, the whole nation will build base of property of hi-tech of country of industry of 7 new material, luoyang is become mid 6 provinces only is selected city.

According to the program, luoyang develops the stress property of 5 big new material, namely material of crystal silicon semiconductor and industry of solar energy photoelectricity, the new-style function material such as makings of base material of copper of belt of new-style and molybdenum tungsten titanium, fireproof material, aluminium magnesium board, electron industry, the industry of new-style indication data such as substrate of electronic glass, plasma glass, the industry of new-style chemical industry such as polyurethane and overtake hard data and products industry. To 2010, production value of industry of estate of Luoyang new material is expected to achieve 50 billion yuan, achieve 100 billion yuan to 2015.

Luoyang has foundation of the technical condition that develops new material, industry and raw material advantage. Natural resources of Luoyang mineral products is very substantial, already ascertain has the armour such as molybdenum, aluminous, gold, silver-colored, tungsten kind mineral products resource more than kinds 50, mineral resources reserve is large, grade is high, for new material industry development provided solid basis. Current, in new material domain, luoyang city shared 11 enterprises and scientific research unit to establish orgnaization of research and development of above of class of 14 provinces ministry, have data company 352, among them new material company 165, effect of group of new material industry is highlighted, industrial base takes shape.

Origin: Net of Chinese Electromechanical commerce