Metallic surface is corroded defend Xuzhou of compound coating technology comes

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Use coating technology to undertake cankerous defended methodological long-standing to metallic surface, wait like coating of thermal spraying of of all kinds film, metal, organic coating coating, it is better to was obtained defend the effect. With iron comparing, zinc, molybdenum is the metal with very strong active, use thermal spraying zinc, molybdenum or its alloy to form metallic coating to be able to form good protection to cupreous iron metal, but the metallic coating that forms as a result of metallic thermal spraying is by fused metal pulverization becomes 4 ~ of 40 μ M atomic and of base material of adhere Yu Tongtie apparently, coating structure is more loose, it is OK to corrode medium very permeate immerge easily to arrive steely base material, form corrode, its surface must be used close coating undertakes closing handling. Close at present material uses liquid coating or of all kinds paint commonly, in applying actually, fall in harsh corrosion environment especially, a lot of steely component part that use afore-mentioned craft treatment, corrode medium to still penetrate quickly the layer closes outside its and erode metallic base material, additionally liquid coating or of all kinds paint also have more or less environmental pollution, its construction cost is high, coating quality assures not easily also.
Coating does not contain solvent, have the utilization rate of nearly 100% , efficient, environmental protection, energy-saving, economy, its coating has exceedingly good physics machine function and be able to bear or endure Hou Kang corrodes function, come nearly 20 years swift and violent development was obtained inside alive bound limits. Use those who contain the epoxy resin coating of an account data to make coating of thermal spraying metal to close at present layer, collect appliance to adornment and safety action heat up solid sex again at the same time coating makes outer technical design had not seen have open news.
By Xuzhou water chestnut besmear holds limited company (ZENITHCOAT) land is Oriental, this metal surface of the invention such as Yuan Jian and a surname arms corrodes metallic compound coating, in metallic surface close together union is enclothed have mix by rock-bottom, intermediate layer outer compound coating of composition, the ground floor of compound coating is layer of thermal spraying metal, intermediate layer the oxygen that it is annulus is layer of coating gush model, outer sex of the solid that it is heat layer of coating gush model.
This significant effect of compound coating is: Layer of thermal spraying metal has good anticorrosive protection capacity, but according to metallic base material defend need, choose onefold metal thermal spraying layer, two plant or a variety of the alloy layer of a variety of metals, metals are onefold the overlay of thermal spraying layer is compound coating, make full use of the positive pole of active metal protects action or of all sorts of metal alloy exceedingly good fight corrode defend function, use viscosity inferior and fill the annulus oxygen that adds data of a few account coating is done close layer, heating when solidify, ooze of OK and fast dip goes to the coating of melt when the space of thermal spraying layer is medium, obtain close goodly the effect, and an among them account data (the micaceous pink that is like laziness, piece saline filling reachs shape oxide active a shape metal stuff if zinc piece, aluminous an etc alloy piece) the packing that raised coating not only, can have exceedingly good screen effect more, prevent even block breaks the line that etchs medium, use active metal a short while, still can use up corrode medium and can use corrosion product to cut off further the osmosis that corrodes medium; Outer and OK need according to defending, the hot solid sex that uses adornment sex or functional sex coating coating, additive ultraviolet absorbefacient, antioxidant, polytetrafluoroethylene, fibre glass, piece material of rice of shape colour filling, accept can rise to be able to bear or endure respectively solar illuminate, fight ageing, add hard wear-resisting, anti-corrosive or coating the action from clean, the coating outside letting has exceedingly good physics machine function and be able to bear or endure Hou Kang aging behavior, realize adornment and defended unity.
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