The way of sex of cold-resistant of balata of shallow silicon talking about fluo

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Fluorine silicon balata is by silicon oxygen key is formed one kind advocate catenary, and the high polymer that 3 fluorine alkyl contains on catenary of cut up with a hay cutter, its aggregate law method and balata of 2 methylic silicon are similar, with polymerization of open loop of alkyl of cricoid silicon oxygen the law is made. The hear resistance of fluorine silicon balata and be able to bear or endure sex of medicines and chemical reagents is inferior to other fluorine balata, but as a result of its advocate catenary contains silicon oxygen key, and fluorine atom is contained again on side radical, it holds both advantage concurrently, can be in consequently - 60 ℃ - 200 ℃ are used in very wide temperature area, and flame retardant makings oily performance is excellent, bilge to methanol dissolve small, but defect is physical machinery performance is poorer than other fluorine balata.

The place on put together is narrated, dividing advocate Si-O introduces in catenary key, Shuang Jian or ether introduces to bolt on molecular side catenary, can increase the compliance of macromolecule, improving sex of fluorine balata cold-resistant thereby while the character that preserved fluorine oak collagen to have, but because the price is high, restricted its application and promotion greatly. Because this is in,undertake modified preparation to molecular catenary new-style fluorine balata while, have cold-resistant sex to a series of fluorine balata with original inferior price improving also is very those who be necessary.

Balata is used

Use fluorine balata and balata of a few general rubber, special type, can improve fluorine balata flexibility difference of sex of low, cold-resistant, price is high wait for defect, obtain the data with performance is superior and inferior cost. As a result of the characteristic on structure of fluorine balata oneself, make in all vulcanizing system choice is more difficult, and the particular character that fluorine balata can reduce partly after be being used, accordingly, what be in domestic and internationally and begin with the research of the respect is not extensive, of the cold-resistant sex that can raise fluorine balata among them basically have the following kinds with the system.

Fluorine balata / fluorine aether balata is used

To improve the microtherm performance of fluorine balata, abroad already at 20 centuries the synthesis at the beginning of 70 time gives fluorine aether balata, function of its low temperature relatively fluorine balata has clear improvement, the Tg that is like balata of aether of Viton GLT fluorine relatively fluorine balata F246 reduced about 14 ℃ , but its price is higher. Academy of Beijing aviation material passes balata and use a technology and develop FX-13 of balata giving fluorine with a few fluorine aether balata, improved the cold-resistant sex of fluorine balata, its brittleness temperature can be amounted to - 45 ℃ , and performance of other physics machinery is good. Pass and improved the cold-resistant sex of fluorine balata effectively not only with fluorine aether balata, and its price also is reduced greatly than fluorine aether balata.
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