Raw material rises in price bring difficulty your industry has a headache

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No matter where you are, cupreous price adds the current situation that go up to appear to already affected your job and life everywhere. Be in cease Si Dui, the copper that Embarq of provider of service of phone, Internet produces is qualitative because cable suffers the assault of thief constantly, the message that begins offer a reward to be as high as $6000 last month expends the person that inform against. Embarq report claims, in a year of in the past, already reached 130 thousand dollar to because cable of the copper in cable television system is stolen,causing losing cost.

In July the last ten-day of a month, about 60 each of company of American Computing Associates move the radiate that observes processing dot missed security to be decided formerly instantly to handle, and somebody handles the tear down when establishment in its equipment of radiate of mechanism of cupreous conduit refrigeration. Professional personage claims, the equipment that is stolen sells reclaim central estimation can be worth 300 ~ 400 dollars.

The city is compared in close cc, the provision that passes law tries to solved the method that steals copper to achieve the result that expect is less than. Law serves as written implement measure, prevented the action that thief does business the metal that comes secretly strongly, cannot let them hold cash. Law stipulates people is in of crucial to the metal component when reclaiming, need to use check and cannot use ready money business, the metal that come will reclaim to try to label inside the shortest time in the meantime facilitate divisional. The requirement of this one mark caused sensation at that time finally. Close cc reclaims than city metal association rejects this one demand, its part reason is, reclaim the metal that come has memory without enough safe space. Change character, these reclaiming the metal that is crossed by pilfer in the center is met very likely inside period of time again by pilfer.

Come nearly 3 years cupreous price is all the time it is a pain spot, the price that contains fluorine polymer in another kind of raw material in wire cable manufacturing industry recently also rises somewhat. The announcement is received while I am writing this article, rise in price according to saying what announced May is all undertook rising in price substantially again in polymer. List the reason that rise in price to have firstly, the price increment with a of the polymer that contain fluorine main vitriolic component many. A the closest report says, come one year case of sulfur acid value rose 10 times, from 50 dollars every metric ton goes up to 500 dollars every metric ton. Vitriolic a be agrochemical main component, as a result of the addition that alcohol produces, also make the raw material with very high demand consequently.

Up to in August the middle ten days of a month, with the keyword " copper steals " there is 159 about in the search on Google, 000 inquire a result. Search for on Google " corn steals " also return nevertheless 129, 000 inquire a result. Of raw material price rise may proceed, also may be a lengthy process, happen more possibly beside our.
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