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Light corresponds, technical merit is very much, market demand appears very pressing also, the cost general that standard maturity brings falls also is be obvious to all, what relevant industry lay to erupt it seems that is overnight, industry all without exception does it a jubilation.

But the desire that this perhaps is a happiness only.

Where is the market demand of FTTX after all? Noun of concept of IPTV, HDTV piles, but you can give out an exact data, 3 years in can develop how many user after all, can you receive an user how many money? Great majority user of China, to him a month closes 80, he feels expensive, you return a month to ask he wants 200, what to think? Operation business collects fees in what have on the foundation, raising bandwidth is the business that should do.

Operation business is very real, they are impossible for this entirely imaginary play meaning, go be being built large-scaly. Before, the net is connected and telecommunication was to do many tests really, saw net of a few experiments, but that is helpless lift. Because he does not have mobile license plate, cannot pursue the business that mobile beehive corresponds, and small well-informed face mobile operation feebly again business endowment expends big fight. Always cannot wait for, what is not dry. Smooth communication is so indescribable be pushed to downstage.

But now, the net is connected and telecommunication took mobile license plate, can pursue the mobile business that longs for day and night so, why I issue great strength to develop smooth communication then even, be oneself is financial resources too sufficient does the goes building oneself diversity that supports painstakingly still change competitive dominant position?

Spend money on mobile network, accrual is clear, can anticipate. Before this Chinese telecommunication has not received CDMA formally to be taken out 17 billion of work laboriously scrape up, see one spot. This 17 billion also sentenced a stay of execution with respect to communication giving light.

And firm network this thing, have dimensions advantage and natural forestall sex, I do not raise bandwidth, you can how, you still turn net, you should consider to turn well the cost of the net.

In what have two originally net operation business, new UniCom and new telecommunication also will happen to coincide put energy on respective mobile network, telecommunication does CDMA, uniCom goes doing his GSM, these two are not rich, count on them to send force at the same time on firm network and mobile network, do you feel actual? China is mobile but won't foolish to go doing large-scale laid firm network, he that is annual one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan mobile network investment can not have cooked rice.

New UniCom and new telecommunication also know his advantage is in, the binds sale and FMC concept of business just is edge tool, present firm network is already pretty good, since the competitor is not done,perhaps do not blow hard, why I should wade then water of this time of muddy.
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