Fiber-optic had become contemporary the main body of transmission net

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Fiber-optic from come out up to now, had become contemporary the main body of transmission net. The rapid development of our country telegraphic network, market of the communication that it is light provided huge demand. However safety photograph is easy, as world network foamy undone, our country fiber-optic market also experienced a few years accordingly only then makings do not " severe winter " .
While telegraphic net dimensions expands, ceaseless construction perfects the network system that prop up, network quality had relatively substantially rise. In the meantime, operation company begins the relevant work of next generation networks actively still, in IP network service quality respect undertook beneficial exploration is carried out, laid good foundation to lay generation network gradual progress.
Our country is at present long-distance relay of transmission net, this locality and the backbone level construction that accept a web pick consumed minute already special and general, but receive an user to accept a web namely of last kilometer fiber-optic change a process to still need quite long period of time, still give priority to with metallic cable at present. Forecast domestic and internationally about the expert, arrive at least the city accepted a web 2015 of last kilometer fiber-optic the meeting that influence ability begins to gain ground.
Look from demand unit, the cable demand of enterprise of operation of telecommunication of a few large bases still is the main body of home market demand, other still has wide report, electric power to wait a few only the demand of the net.
From the point of construction domain, fiber-optic cable market basically rises tomorrow the space will appear in 4 domains.
The first domain is to receive net respect. The broadband turns the development tide that is communication, will rise further henceforth receive bandwidth, fiber-optic it is inevitable choice. Receive the net propulsion to user side as light, accept a web introduce cable and indoor soft cable to want to use more price low fiber-optic, fiber-optic arrive door (FTTH) is the development way that the broadband accepts.
The 2nd domain is long-distance the complement that transmits a network with this locality is perfect. The growth to satisfy portfolio and the need that network safety protects, need is right long-distance with this locality transmission network undertakes complementing perfecting, enlarge is allowed or add a way by, have particular demand to fiber-optic cable.
The 3rd domain is next generation networks (the construction of NGN) . Higher rate, more the NGN of high capacity is to build the foundation of optical transmission system in high speed, train in excess specified length to go up, right fiber-optic raised new requirement.
Finally is the construction of 3G network. Inside a few years after license plate extends, of 3G network lay same meeting makes the demand of cable increases somewhat.
From the point of current situation of current and fiber-optic market, the market still is highlighted for be more than the contradiction that beg, cable price fall is sharper. Cable price reached peak 2001, advocate if suffer global network bubble and operation business artery,the net is built " the motion that encircle the ground " influence. Go up newly as a result of peak period the project is much, the productivity of original manufacturer expands, and operation business begins to reduce construction investment, of productivity serious and superfluous bring about beg for be more than, the price falls quickly.
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