FTTH fiber-optic parvenu: Plastic and fiber-optic

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Plastic and fiber-optic (POF) corresponds in high speed stone's throw the cost in transmitting and symmetrical cable comparative, inside 100 meters of limits transmission bandwidth can amount to several GHz, and have easy link, pliability is good, bend easily wait for an advantage, although at present its system performance still is in phase of research or applied initial stage, but the role that it takes on in communication of prospective stone's throw cannot be ignored, it reachs the dominant position on function in the price, make its have wide perspective in the application of the FTTH in network complete actinic.

Fiber-optic photograph compares POF and quartz, have the following advantage: Modular amount is small, core way is old (0.3-1.0mm) , simple POF connector can be used when continue, even if the deviation that alignment of fiber-optic continue center produces 30 μ M also won't affect coupling loss; Numeric aperture is big (NA0.5 controls) , acceptance angle can amount to 60 ° , and quartz is fiber-optic have 16 ° only, can use cheap LED, and coupling efficiency is tall; Bending sex is good, be machined easily and use; There is small loss window in visible light area; Weight is light; Cost and treatment fare are low.

POF network is compared with photograph of other transmission medium in system of local area network, also have clear advantage: POF is not sensitive to electromagnetism interference, also do not produce radiation, the attenuation below different data rate is constant, by accident code rate can be forecasted, can use in electric noise environment; Its dimension is longer, can reduce demand of pilot of the public errand in joint design, reason becomes net cost lower.

Plastic and fiber-optic the ideal transmission medium that regards stone's throw as communication network, change in prospective family intelligence, the data that OA, labour dominates network, car to carry airborne communication network, martial communication network expresses the position with in be defeated, be had significant.

Pass plastic and fiber-optic, we can realize intelligent home appliance (family expenses PC, HDTV, phone, number is become wait with electric equipment like system of safety of equipment, family, air conditioning, freezer, sound, hutch) couplet net, achieve domestic automation and long-range control administration, improve life quality; Pass plastic and fiber-optic, we can realize the couplet net of office equipment, if computer couplet net can realize the computer to run paralell,handle, the high speed of the data between office equipment is transmitted can improve work efficiency greatly, realize long-range office to wait.

When the data rate of low speed local area network is less than 100Mbps, the transmission inside 100 meters of limits uses SI model plastic and fiber-optic can come true; The transmission inside 150Mbps50 rice limits is usable POF of small numeric aperture comes true.

Current, POF is attainable in production industry also wide application. Pass converter, POF is OK wait for standard agreement interface to be linked together with net of aether of RS232, RS422, 100Mbps, your card net, make in abominable industry thereby stable, reliable communication line is provided in the environment. Can signal of control of transmission industry of high speed ground and instruction, avoid to suffer electromagnetism interference because of using metallic cable line to bring about communication to transmit the danger that interrupt.
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