Net of ten thousand aether: Power comsumption makes cupreous cable be thwarted

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Want to say net of ten thousand aether has what characteristic, that is it has multiple sex. Regard network of a main force as the technology, be based on fiber-optic ten thousand (10G Over Fibre) already establish firm position; but in the past a few years, driving what use and sell in pairs to grow considerably is net of cupreous cable aether however (Ethernet Over Copper) , especially the cable of double skeining thread of similar line.

Though be based on the ten thousand technology of double skeining thread to become cost lower, power comsumption is smaller, but if really can enough petty gain? Calculate enough petty gain, how long later does server production business blend in this technology is ability significant?

The senior analyst Jag Bolaria of Linley group says: "Up to now the ten thousand product of consign picks consumed minute mostly. We think the switching equipment port of the consign on the market was about 2007 hopeful adds 700 thousand; to go to 1.3 million to about 1.2 million this year. Compare objectively nevertheless, ten thousand port exceeds 100 million; port of fast aether net was to exceed 200 million more. Ten thousand port exceeds 100 million; port of fast aether net was to exceed 200 million more..

The problem depends on, fiber-optic cost is real too tall, replace thousand to the server or the desktop is not actual. A kind of part after the hopeful of net of ten thousand aether that is based on cupreous cable is competent, but still owe maturity -- CX4 is an exception, this stone's throw (farthermost 15 meters) the technology is used relative to thicker wire cable.

What be expressed great expectations by network equipment supplier is 10GBase-T, what this standard is aimed at is to be based on double skeining thread of screen or blame screen (the ten thousand technology of STP/UTP) copper cable. It allows to achieve ten thousand rate through 6 kinds of lines, transmission distance is farthermost achieve 100 meters.

The inchoate version cost of 10GBase-T tall, power comsumption is big, server net blocks cost to exceed 500 dollars, and the standard that accords with PCI Express(PCIe) to expand card inserts groovy 25W every only.

Brand-new chip

The sale vice-president Kamal Dalmia of Teranetics company thinks, the new chip that is about to appear on the market reachs major action since hopeful: Can reduce cost and power comsumption half. This company begins layer of physics of 10GBase-T PHY(of sampling test double port recently, send and receive namely implement chip) ; company claims every port has 6W power comsumption only.

Other development business also announced the physical layer with inferior power comsumption, prepare consign of the beginning of the year of the next year end this year, include Aquantia, rich to connect (Broadcom) and Solarflare, they implement as inferior as rate aether net version backward and compatible, so ten thousand switching equipment and net card can be on existing network use.
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